New Patient Center

Are you considering us for your healthcare needs?

Our website and social media serve as a portal of knowledge and understanding in who we are, what we do and why. Our combined resources provide a gateway of empowerment for people seeking lifestyles and healthcare that are natural.

We would be thrilled to serve you and your family, not only to reach your needs and goals, but to contribute to the change of health culture in our community!

What can I Expect?

A Caring Doctor and a Helpful Staff

We are here to serve you. Dr. Jason will assess your needs and goals, and if he determines that chiropractic care can help, he will make you comfortable with his care. Our staff is passionate in not only helping people, but sharing our philosophy and values that create an inviting and healing experience.

Quality Care

Dr. Jason has taken extensive coursework and continuing education, which has enabled him to address the individual needs of patients with different conditions and presentations. Being a 3rd generation chiropractor, Dr. Jason has had an entire lifetime of experience in chiropractic. He will generate a care plan that fits your needs and goals, and he will accurately adapt your plan as your care progresses. Dr. Jason prefers to adjust his patients manually with a gentle touch, and he adjusts the spine specifically to his analysis on each visit.

Your First Visit

At Tree of Life, we strive to make your first appointment as convenient as possible. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment to complete our electronic paperwork. Thereafter, Dr. Jason will complete a new patient exam that will take approximately 30 minutes of your time. He will take a through history and assess your individual needs and goals for Chiropractic care. He may or may not refer you for x-rays based on your individual case.

Your Second Visit

It is very important to Dr. Jason that you understand exactly what is going on with your health. At your second visit, he will give you a report of findings discussing your case, his findings from the exam, and a suggested care plan based on your needs and goals if it is determined he can help. Your second visit will last approximately 20 minutes.

The Value of Education

At Tree of Life, we seek to bring a new awareness to the true origins of health. We ask our patients to attend at least one quarterly health talk provided by Dr. Jason. We encourage you to bring friends and family as your guest. The knowledge and lifestyle applications attained at these events will not only transform your life, but the health of the community! To remain in line with our values and philosophy we ask that all of our patients attend at least one quarterly health talk provided by Dr. Jason and his staff and we highly encourage bringing your entire family along!